Former Inmates Striving Together (F.I.S.T., Inc.) is an independent non-profit organization of formerly incarcerated men and women and those caring individuals who support them. By supporting the successful re-entry of ex-offenders into society, F.I.S.T. hopes to reduce the rate of recidivism, increase public safety, decrease demand on law enforcement and the judicial system, lower the costs of incarceration and augment rather than drain the existing tax base.

For men and women incarcerated, ‘doing the time’ of their sentences is just the beginning. The hard part is making the most of their opportunity of redemption.  Former Inmates Striving Together (F.I.S.T., Inc.) provides this opportunity; proving that it is possible to rehabilitate those convicted of criminal offenses who are motivated to change.  We direct our members to resources (our partners) that provide basic physical needs, assessment of social skills, help with job readiness/placement/retention, and offer support for family reunification.  Many inmates leaving prison face the barrier of reuniting with their families.

·         Food, Clothing and Shelter.
·         Faith-based Fellowship and Mentoring
·         Twelve Step Program for Ex-Offender Support Groups (AA, NA)
·         Community Service  
·         Job Readiness Training
·         Employment Placement
·         Financial Management Guidance

At present the Board of Directors of F.I.S.T., Inc. is exploring ways to create revenue streams for ex-offenders.  We seek to start businesses that will employ our members and teach them to become self-sufficient.

Transitional Housing

Former Inmates Striving Together, Inc.

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4 Seasons Residential Services

Working hard to significantly reduce recidivism!